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Megan Brockelbank an herbalist, educator, farmer, green witch and the owner of Mother Hen’s Homestead. She has been studying plants and how they affect the health and well-being of us and the planet for well over a decade now focusing on herbalism, mycology, botany, sustainable food and agriculture, permaculture design, holistic health, systems thinking and nutrition.

She has studied under many great local herbalists while getting her Master’s Degree in Science at UMass like herbalists Chris Marano, Brittany Wood Nickerson and many others during her undergraduate studies and at the Herbal Academy where she has taken several herbal courses and gotten certification on topics including their Canna+Herbs Course, Holistic Cancer Care Course, the Intermediate Herbal Course and their Advanced Herbal Course.

She is passionate about plants ability to support the healing of us and all things in our natural world. She uses the knowledge she has acquired and is constantly learning and growing to educate herself and the community about holistic wellness and sustainability. We are a part of nature and by taking care of it we ultimately take care of ourselves. Plants are our teachers and our allies they are here to support our health physically, emotionally and spiritually. She uses plants, herbs & fungi to support herself and clients with the addition of lifestyle and diet modifications to regain balance in the body, soul and mind tailored to each unique persons constitution and energetics.

She also offers Plant Spirit Journeys where we journey together through meditation to meet your plant spirits. Plants are here to support us on all realms physically, emotionally and spiritually and your plant spirits often can point out where you may need healing or offer support during your wellness journey.

She makes handcrafted natural and organic herbal products that sells at Within Wellness as well as a few other local businesses and online. She creates custom blends to help support clients personal needs and energetics. She forages for and grows many of the herbs she uses in her practice using no till regenerative practices without the use of any pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or chemical fertilizers.

To book a service, attend a workshop or shop her products just go over to www.motherhenshomestead.com or you can email her to book at motherhenshomestead @gmail.com

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