Infrared Sauna & Halotherapy

Enjoy our Infrared Sauna for 15-60 minute sessions and be surrounded by the infrared heat. At a lower ambient air temperature than your traditional and steam saunas, your body will absorb the infrared waves, increasing and promoting heat generation in the body to induce a deep and relaxing sweat.

An infrared sauna triggers vasodilation – our blood vessels relax and widen. Vasodilation triggers a cascade of physiological responses:

• Decreases blood pressure.

• Increases blood circulation.

• Delivers more oxygenated blood through your system.

• Increases nutrient delivery.

• Decreases swelling, inflammation and pain.

• Increases muscle flexibility.

• Allows for more efficient waste and toxicant removal.

• Accelerates healing and your metabolism.

• Boosts immune function.

Infrared heat can help relieve inflammation, stiffness, and soreness by increasing blood circulation to your musces. It is also effective in the treatment of sprains, neuralgia, bursitis, muscle spasms, and many other muscular-skeletal ailments.

In an infrared sauna, our bodies automatically exit sympathetic mode (fight or flight) and enter parasympathetic mode (rest and digest). The parasympathetic nervous system helps produce a state of equilibrium in our bodies. Everything relaxes, gets more flexible. You don’t have to force yourself to relax; it happens automatically.

BEFORE your massage, reiki or chiropractic treatment:
Deeply warms, relaxes and melts away tension in muscles, as well as relieves pain to allow for a more effective treatment

AFTER your massage, reiki or chiropractic treatment:
The same benefits as above, plus detoxifying effects from your sweat and increased circulation that rids accumulated toxins and waste out of your body, as well as accelerated healing from your combined treatment and sauna sessions

In the private room, you are provided with a towel and a cold wet washcloth with your choice of essential oil to use during and after your session. Wear or not wear what you are most comfortable with! Whether that’s nude, in a towel, bathing suit or loose fitting clothing (cotton is best! Avoid PVC, spandex and other synthetics)

Either way you choose to enjoy the sauna, always remember to stay hydrated, limit your food intake prior, and consult your physician to make sure that the infrared sauna and salt therapy is right for you!

What is Salt/Halo Therapy?
Halotherapy is a treatment that involves breathing salty air. The conditions of heat and humidity in our infrared saunas allow for optimal salt therapy healing. Microsalt Halotherapy can help you breathe easier. Mircosalt Halotherapy can be beneficial for helping subside colds, sinusitis, and also promote healthier skin. Other benefits include Respiratory Support, Allergy Support, Depression & Anxiety, Acne & Eczema Treatment
And Reduces Inflammation

The HALOONE™️ is the only halotherapy generator producing salt particles between 1-10 microns, allowing for deeper penetration and increased healing benefits to the lungs.

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